Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I got to dress up as a nurse and stay home and pass out candy!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I got a new hair cut and i really like it. I was getting really tired of long hair. Mom did a great job! So then I went shopping with jen and bought a sweater, pants and jacket. And went on a walk with my Raye Ann and we decided to have a picture time!I have couple days of for u.e.a break.i got a letter from Yurie it took probly two months to get to him but it came to me in 2 weeks!Which was a lot of fun reading.i got to a nursing home one a week and that has been alot of fun!I get to feed old people and change then, and chat with some. I really enjoy my nursing class!My first quarter ends this friday, so i have next moday off too,because i have some lazy teachers... But i am way excited!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I bought a new sterio system! It is so sweet it can play my ipod, radio, my cd and it has an alarm clock and it also came with a remote control!How awesome and it was pretty good price too.
Here it is:

Sunday, September 02, 2007

~1st week of school!~
Well my first week of school was alot of fun.I am taking cna class at the tech center and i really enjoy it!I am also taking enlish 12, study skills,choir, seminary!And i really enjoy my choir class. At first i had volleyball and i did not like that class because my teacher likes to flirt with the popular boys and its really wierd.And i thought i needed to get out of that class so i took study skill instead and that has been alot of fun!I enjoy my seminay teacher i wanted brother mcdonald but i actually got brother fitch. And i really enjoy his class.Well my first week of school went pretty good and not very hard classes.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

RuSsIa TrIp!
Yesterday i came home from russia and i had such great time. I found out that people love me over. They all were so happy to see me. And i was wxcited to go i am glad i went. I found out alot of things about my self. I fund out that my birth family has passed away. at first the afficials would not give me any information for my family, because i needed alot of information about my self and why i wanted to see them.It took all day to just be able to talk to the official. She told me that it said in the law that i needed more information about my self and why i wanted to see them, and i just told her i need to know if they still lived and i guess that was not enogh at first and then later on she broke down and told me the information i wanted.And that was a emotional day foreveryone that was with me.I am so greatful for the experience that i got to go back and visit.I visited my old adoptive family and they were excited to see me.My father told me that i should not be mad at him because he loved me and did not want me to get hurt so he beet me, which i thought was a wierd answear but who knows maybe thats how he felt.Here are some pictures :my friends. me and Pixie, Iura and i( they boy that brought me food wen i ran away from my family.My little brother and sister, and the old adoptive family.Here is the place grammie pixie and i stayed at.And one interesting bee eat my dinner.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well i finally can get into my blogger account.School is almost out and i have such good grades! Oh i almost forgot yo tell about my little cutie Fuzzie. He is about 1 year and 5 month. He is so cute and loves to run around the bathroom.Well i got my hair cut and here is what it lookes like.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey have you seen my pose??

This is a Great chair and a great office space!Study takes your energy out...
I justthought to share couple pix. I had the opprotunity to enjoy a long weekend and i have to say it was a fun one! I was able to go and get my ipod fixed. And then in the after noon i got to stay and do some homework, and of corse play. So the time could go by faster.And then later that night i went to see a movie with my friend, and i wanted to see music and lyrics but she had a different idea. So we thought and thought and finally desided that we wanted to go to a scary movie instead.And as tiem passed by we decided to go to "The Messenger" and it wasent that bad of a movie. I thought it was a little scary but not too bad. But as we were sitting in the theater my friend turned to me and said that she would have night mares and that she wished that we went to a different movie. But as it all worked out we stayed in the movie and in the end, my friend thoght it wasent so bad after all.And also i would like to Thanks to chad and angie for geving me a way nice office chair. Thanx!